Dead summer heat

I’m currently riding the path train home from Manhattan after dropping my brother off at port authority, I thought i was long overdue to write something. It’s been a very busy summer and I haven’t really been able to devote much time to personal photography. Of course all the time I should’ve spent photographing was not wasted. Lynne and I finally moved in together in a new apartment . I finally purchased an iPhone which I am blogging from,. I am hoping WordPress on my phone all the time will allow me the time to write more. Work has been very busy, photographing almost everyday.
I have lots of traveling ahead of me in the month of august so hopefully this will be a good resource. I am traveling to see wolf parade in Toronto next weekend and then I head to Massachusetts for two days to see Wilco at Tanglewood. I then come home for an evening before flying out to Las Vegas for five days to help out some friends. This is my first paid work vacation and it has been long awaited.
I took Jesse to see wolf parade on Thursday night and it was definitely one of their best performances I have seen. They all looked very happy to be in new York even with mosh pits. I am hoping there is a way to post photographs from the iPhone to the blog. I posted a bunch of pictures on the Flickr of the show.

So keep checking back I haven’t given up on the blog.

Listening to the new Conor Oberst album and it’s definitely nice to hear new music from him even if it isn’t from Bright Eyes.

Update: you can post pictures from your iPhone camera roll. As long as 2 megapixel is enough.




One Response to Dead summer heat

  1. Jesse says:

    wow simon posted…whats it been…like 3 months hahaha

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