Best Photo Book of 2008

December 3, 2008

I premise this writing with a title that explains it all. I have been waiting a long time to write about my newest acquired photo book. “America” by Zoe Strauss arrived in the mail today at work! I purchased the book in early September but Amazon have been dragging their feet. I have been reading all the reviews and all the positive feedback people are writing and sure enough:


I was very impressed by the quality of the printing and the layout of the photographs. I had already seen the layout online but it’s not the same as holding the book in your hands. Most of the photographs I have seen before but there are a few that are new and some real treats at that. If you were to buy one photography book this year it should be this one!

It is finally winter, after a long fall and four weeks in Miami for an extended summer I have finally had to put on a coat and come back home. It’s official that we are in a recession but it seems the photography business fell into it a lot sooner than our government was willing to admit.  If you have a full time job be thankful, I know that’s what I was thankful for on Thanksgiving.

Lots of plans for the next couple months. Hopefully scanning film I have stacked up and a new project. I took a class through the Cooper Union Continuing education program with Laurel. This week is the last class and I am hoping to take another course with them this winter. I have photographed Jersey City, NJ for the past few months on and off and I think its time to hunker down. For the winter.


Chain of photographs

June 21, 2008

I made this photograph over a year ago at a bar-b-que put on by a dear from of mine Joe Ziolkowski. This is an annual event he puts on for his current students and alumni of his class. It is an open party that any can come and make photographs and get away from RIT. The last time I went to his party was in the fall of 2006.

After the party Joe kindly presented me with the above photograph he made while everyone was on a tractor ride. This photograph means a lot to me because of the contents. Almost half of my class from freshmen year in college is in this picture (mind you it was a class of 12).

After receiving the photograph I talked to a friend of mine who had given me a ride to the party and he said Joe had also given him the same photograph. After realizing we were in turn all trading photographs Anthony Matoza gave me this photograph of Joe taking a picture while driving his tractor, with all of us as his subject.

On Tuesday I received a very awesome gift. Seth personett who was an incoming freshmen had photographed me making a portrait of Joe on the exact same wagon ride all the other above photographs were made. The photograph I was making has played a huge role in my direction of photography. That photograph directed my entire senior portfolio after I made the picture of Joe. It’s pretty awesome to see a photograph someone made of me over a year later. How much my life has changed since then, how much I wish I was still in school without any responsibility.


May 15, 2008

Anna mia is closed for good.



Bethlehim Steel


An old friend

May 10, 2008

A good friend of mine from high school was featured on NPR today. Hattie Saltonstall is a senior at Savanah College of Art and Design and apparently she is finishing her senior collection. Oh, and she is really awesome at horseback riding.  Kinda crazy that my friends are on NPR, but great to hear about her. Remember art class?

Savanna Schools Version of Project Runway

Cai Guo-Qiang extravaganza weekend

March 15, 2008

Last weekend I went with some friends to see the Cai Guo-Qiang exhibit at the Guggenheim museum. I had never seen this artists work and I knew next to nothing about it. I went in with a clean slate;almost. I had read an article about Inopportune: Stage One and I understood a little about his works but I didn’t know much about his early works.

Cai works in so many different mediums, he is definitely a multi medium artist. Everything from Gunpowder to goat fur. My favorite work from this exhibition was Head On.

Cai Wolves

Head On is a piece that consists of 99 wolves. The wolves are made out of papier-mache and fur. The above picture is not the installation at the Guggenheim. At the Guggenheim the wolves go around in a spiral up the ramp and end at the same piece of glass like pictured above. The interaction and ability to walk around and through this piece is the best part. Each wolf is unique, different colors, shapes and sizes.

His work almost fills the entire Guggenheim. This man has created so much work it is quite incredible. I am amazed at the enormity of his portfolio and the depth of his art.

The idea of using gunpowder to create is one of most amazing things i have ever seen. It is more than just the finished piece. The way that he creates the work is an art within itself. There were multiple projectors that showed films of how these were made.

Cai gunpowder

How do you emulate a car bombing without actually blowing up cars? The guy who loves to blow stuff up has set himself the restraint not to. This piece that fills the entire open area of the Guggenheim is awesome. Just the idea of hoisting cars up in the air is great and then he adds flashing lights that emulate fireworks or explosions coming out of the cars.

Cai Cars

I know a lot of my readers won’t be able to go visit this exhibit in person but if there is any possible way to, I definitely recommend it. If you can’t possibly make it to New York to see it there is an alternative.  This online exhibit has tons of information on it and the photographs are very well done.  Go Learn!

All images  from Guggenheim online exhibition site.

Total Eclipse

February 26, 2008

Keelay makes the sweetest videos.


side note: I was fighting to get a real video posted in the post but for some reason wordpress doesn’t like vimeo. I tried both syntaxes neither worked. so click it instead. its worth it.


February 22, 2008

I have been watching a lot of Youtube lately.  Traveling to Philly for the weekend. More photographs to come.