Best Photo Book of 2008

December 3, 2008

I premise this writing with a title that explains it all. I have been waiting a long time to write about my newest acquired photo book. “America” by Zoe Strauss arrived in the mail today at work! I purchased the book in early September but Amazon have been dragging their feet. I have been reading all the reviews and all the positive feedback people are writing and sure enough:


I was very impressed by the quality of the printing and the layout of the photographs. I had already seen the layout online but it’s not the same as holding the book in your hands. Most of the photographs I have seen before but there are a few that are new and some real treats at that. If you were to buy one photography book this year it should be this one!

It is finally winter, after a long fall and four weeks in Miami for an extended summer I have finally had to put on a coat and come back home. It’s official that we are in a recession but it seems the photography business fell into it a lot sooner than our government was willing to admit.  If you have a full time job be thankful, I know that’s what I was thankful for on Thanksgiving.

Lots of plans for the next couple months. Hopefully scanning film I have stacked up and a new project. I took a class through the Cooper Union Continuing education program with Laurel. This week is the last class and I am hoping to take another course with them this winter. I have photographed Jersey City, NJ for the past few months on and off and I think its time to hunker down. For the winter.


Chain of photographs

June 21, 2008

I made this photograph over a year ago at a bar-b-que put on by a dear from of mine Joe Ziolkowski. This is an annual event he puts on for his current students and alumni of his class. It is an open party that any can come and make photographs and get away from RIT. The last time I went to his party was in the fall of 2006.

After the party Joe kindly presented me with the above photograph he made while everyone was on a tractor ride. This photograph means a lot to me because of the contents. Almost half of my class from freshmen year in college is in this picture (mind you it was a class of 12).

After receiving the photograph I talked to a friend of mine who had given me a ride to the party and he said Joe had also given him the same photograph. After realizing we were in turn all trading photographs Anthony Matoza gave me this photograph of Joe taking a picture while driving his tractor, with all of us as his subject.

On Tuesday I received a very awesome gift. Seth personett who was an incoming freshmen had photographed me making a portrait of Joe on the exact same wagon ride all the other above photographs were made. The photograph I was making has played a huge role in my direction of photography. That photograph directed my entire senior portfolio after I made the picture of Joe. It’s pretty awesome to see a photograph someone made of me over a year later. How much my life has changed since then, how much I wish I was still in school without any responsibility.

playing catchup

May 16, 2008

black glove

kyles crosses



May 15, 2008

Anna mia is closed for good.



Bethlehim Steel


Handsome Furs with Guests

April 9, 2008

The Handsome Furs show on Sunday was definitely the best performance I have ever seen Dan and Alexei put on in New York. Dan kept reiterating how he is always nervous when he plays in new york. He had nothing to be nervous about, the crowd loved them. The Violins opened the night, I had never heard them before but they were pretty decent. The next “act” the comedians was the absolute worst act I have ever seen. The Handsome Furs played a nice full set with what I believe were three new songs. At the end of the show Dan invited Hadgi Bakara from Wolf Parade onto the stage to play the drums. After the final song with Hadgi still on stage he brought his laptop and plugged it in to the sound system. Hadgi threw picked up Alexei’s keyboard and pronounced he would playing the “Lil Wayne leak”. It was pretty funny ending of a great show.

Day workers and grandpa.

February 15, 2008

Photographs Not Taken:

Today I was driving in Brooklyn for work when I was almost pulled over and started photographing. In the area of Brooklyn I was in there are day workers. These people are usually illegal immigrants that work for a day rate for construction crews or landscapers. We were sitting at a light and acros the road diagonally were two day workers putting their hands up like they were boxing. Soon they were throwing jabs and ripping each others shirts. There were a few solid blows to the face before they were both on the ground.

Why didn’t I stop and photograph it? So bummed.



pops burial

wendys burger

Union City Boxing Club:Still Life(s)

February 8, 2008

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