a mat thomas original.

On Saturday night I was invited to a gathering of sorts.  There is a group of students at RIT that feel this school needs more of a sense of community. I believe it is mat Thomas who started this idea of a print exchange/potluck dinner. All you had to do was bring 5 prints or art pieces and a vegetarian dish. It was a lot of fun seeing my fellow students and friends and to see work they were proud of! There wasn’t a critique, it was being proud of your work. I brought 5 photographs with me to the exchange and came home with 5 different pieces of art from 5 different students. It was amazing. I had a great time and I would like to encourage other students to do this, hopefully I will get to see it happen again. Below I have an image of the Mat Thomas I traded my Global warming image for.

mat thomas original

mat thomas, title unknown

global warming

simon ingall, global warming, 2006


2 Responses to a mat thomas original.

  1. myrab says:

    Sounds like a great idea. Glad to see there is still some enthusiam in the program. Great print Matt.


  2. Alexavier says:

    More posts of this quitaly. Not the usual c***, please

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